The Travelling Parent’s Guide to Flying With Children.
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How it all began

The essential guide to flying with babies
and young children.

For thousands of parents, the prospect of flying with a baby or young child can be very daunting. This book is a simple, easy to read guide to help parents contemplating their first big overseas trip.

Packed with  insights on how to choose child-friendly airlines, dress and pack like a pro, pass the time with a toddler on your lap, fly solo with a baby, breastfeed in an aircraft, thrive on a long-haul flight, alleviate jetlag, support an anxious flyer and deal with unforeseen dilemmas, this book provides an all-in-one guide to ease some of those pre-flight nerves.

Each chapter closes with a set of Top Ten tips so you can quickly find the help you’re looking for. And, after a quick email sign-up, it’s free to download and share.

If you feel anxious about your first flight and wonder if it’s the right thing to do, I’d love to reassure you that you’re taking steps down a well-worn path. In the lead up to my first flight with our 6-month-old, I felt very apprehensive about the whole deal. Little did I know, we’d take another 15 flights with her in the following year!

It’s my wish that you find this information encouraging and helpful. However, I hope the key message you take from this book (if nothing else!) is that you’ll be setting an inspirational example for your child. Following your example, your little person will learn to step out of his or her comfort zone and experience everything our amazing world has to offer.

So, time to grab a coffee, click                         and feel relaxed about that flight!

Allie x
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